Michael Banks

Michael Banks

Michael holds a BA (Hons) in English & a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education from Reading University, UK (the latter is the equivalent of an M.A. in the USA). MBTI and TMI Certified, Michael is a ‘Master Coach’ with years of success coaching corporate leaders and their teams including the toughest assignments!

A life long passion for helping people become better leaders has led Michael over many years to work with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, spanning a number of countries and scenarios, both corporate and non-corporate.

Michael is inspired by watching his clients find the best qualities in themselves and seeing the positive impact this knowledge has on those around them. He’s able to facilitate this kind of expansion because his own path has tested him many times and afforded him opportunities to learn major lessons about himself, life and people.

“I really don’t know how to express my appreciation for the time you have spent with me over the past few months. Your approach and insights are truly a gift, thank you for sharing them with me. You are a very special person.” – CEO, Navigant Cymetrix, Irvine, CA.


Individual Executive Coaching:

Using a structured interview process to gather verbatim data Michael provides his clients with powerful, incontrovertible feedback on how they are viewed by those around them. This data allows the client to set measurable goals that are reality based and 100% on target. This then leads to a regular, ongoing coaching relationship that is tailored exactly to the client’s needs.

“Michael comes with me to my most difficult meetings and watches me in action. It’s a terrific program. I feel it’s very high value. He’s been extremely good.”  – MD, Goldman Sachs, NY, NY.

Management Team Coaching:

The clients Michael coaches often ask him to help them develop their teams toward the ideal of High Performance teamwork. The work of building a high performance team is made immeasurably easier once he has established a trusting working partnership with the team leader.


Meetings, off sites and conferences need good facilitation to be productive. Michael works with groups of all sizes around topics such as strategy design, vision and mission, leadership orientation and team building. His strong facilitation skill set ensures you get what you want out of your event.

“We had very positive feedback from all the attendees at your management workshop. It was extremely enjoyable, useful and very worthwhile.”  – Head of Training & Development, BNP Paribas, New York, NY.

Career Coaching:

Michael specializes in helping clients figure out the next phase of their career, whether that’s within their current organization or in a new environment. He also enjoys working with those who have got to the top, made their money and are still in their ‘middle’ years with energy and time in good supply. Michael helps his clients explore how their years of accumulated experience and expertise can be put to best use in service of the wider community, whether that be in the not for profit world, in political service, or in various entrepreneurial activities.

“Thanks again for all the very effective advice. And thanks for the encouragement, support and direction you’ve given me. It has taken me a long way.”  – VP Quality, Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale, CA.


Over the years Michael’s had particular success with the following scenarios

– Grooming leaders for their next big step up

– Helping resolve conflict and communication breakdown between senior executives, business partners or business co-heads

– Partnering with a CEO or other heads of divisions or functional heads to build a high performance leadership team

– Assisting individuals to make powerful, authentic and telling presentations in person, via video or web conferencing media



As a writer Michael helps clients with press releases, speeches and other challenging tasks, such as difficult phone and internet presentations, to come across as clear, authoritative and engaging.

Regarding a corporate national press release, “I think it’s perfect. It would have remained painful to read until Michael Banks joined the fray with his brilliant re-write. Now it says it the way it needs to be said.” – President & CEO, Boundary Solutions, Mill Valley, CA.


Michael enjoys giving speeches and has been a guest speaker on various Radio and TV shows and large conferences such as the State of the World Forum. People say that Michael is charismatic, entertaining, informative and refreshingly free of ‘corporate speak’!

Apart from talks tailored to the client’s interests and objectives he also has a few favorites himself. These include how to be a successful coach, how to manage difficult conversations and how to be great on the phone.

Sports Coach:

Michael is a big sports fan and for the past three years has captained Marin Cricket Club and, in the process, transformed the club’s esprit de corps, increased membership enrollment and overseen the club’s development as the most diverse cricketing community in Northern California.

He brings his years of experience in various leadership roles in the corporate world to the world of sports coaching. The skill set is totally transferable; it’s about dealing with people – motivating teams and individuals, attracting and retaining top talent and achieving high performance.

Often coaches are great technicians, well versed in strategy and tactics, but not so adept at fusing a group of individuals into a great team, effectively managing the ‘star’ or giving feedback in a way that motivates versus intimidates. This is where Michael can help. Michael was once asked to coach the Boston Celtics but unfortunately, due to other circumstances was not able to accept the offer at that time.

“Thanks so much for all you’ve done for the team and the club this season. Your contribution has been immeasurable.”

“You’ve always given me so much confidence in believing in me on the field.”

Summary of skills: