The art of responding and making wise choices versus reacting and being out of control is dependent on you being 100% conscious, in the moment, of your thoughts, emotions and body sensations.

With this awareness you can choose what mode of communication is appropriate to the outcome you want. And the most exciting thing about this kind of practice is that your developing awareness and skill will find application in all aspects of your life; from business to family life, from personal relationships to leadership in all its forms.

It’s a core life skill for anybody who wants to master communication and lead a profoundly satisfying life. And I am bold enough to suggest that if this approach and level of wisdom is applied on a high level, globally, then wars could be prevented and an outbreak of peace between tribes and nations would be the norm.

One thought on “Being conscious – the key to changing unwanted behaviors

  • By Sofia - Reply

    It is refreshing to see when an article is written by someone who has a complete grasp of the subject matter, Thank You!

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