Corporate clients: (partial list)

  • American Express
  • Baker McKenzie
  • Citigroup
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Iona College
  • Lufthansa
  • Juniper Networks
  • Merck
  • Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, NY
  • Time Warner
  • Bovis Lend Lease
  • HCP Inc.
  • Cymetrix
  • Baxter
  • National Australia Bank
  • Varian
  • Logitech
  • Yahoo
  • McAfee
  • ebay (PayPal)

C Level coaching: (partial list)

  • President, American Express Global Cards Division, CTO, CFO, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Risk Officer et al of American Express,
  • President of Amex Japan (formerly head of the Bank of Tokyo)
  • Comptroller, Hewlett Packard (became Chief Administration Officer with global responsibility)
  • Successive senior partners and heads of Global Operations, Goldman Sachs
  • Head of Finance, HR and Technology at Goldman Sachs (became co CEO, then Head of the NY stock exchange, then CEO of major Wall Street investment banking firm)
  • Chairman & CEO of Cymetrix (recently acquired by Navigant in 2014)
  • Chairman & CEO of HPC (largest healthcare REIT in the USA)
  • CFO & Chief investment Officer of HPC
  • Head of HR for Merck Pharmaceuticals
  • Chief General Counsel, Time Warner (reported to the Chairman & CEO)
  • Chief lawyer for Mergers & Acquisitions at McAfee
  • General Counsel for Varian Medical
  • Co-heads of Global Energy division of Citigroup


Entertainment:  I’d like to highlight the coaching I did with the General Counsel of the world’s largest media and entrainment company. Despite his exalted position (he reported to the Chairman and had oversight on all major legal issues mergers and acquisitions and governmental matters) he had never had a coach. I was able to give him some highly effective coaching to make him a more effective leader. He subsequently had me coach all his senior lawyers and then conduct a program for the whole legal department.

Financial Services/Banking:  I coached the CFO of the global credit card issuance division of a financial services company. The CFO then asked me to coach several of his direct reports and subsequently conduct a year long coaching program for him and his team. I used a proprietary tool that measures team performance along twenty criteria and that gauges team progress over time. It was clear that by the end of of the twelve month period the team had improved markedly.

Internet:  The head of Quality for a young, global internet based payment system firm asked me to coach him after he was reprimanded by a senior executive for communicating inappropriately in ‘public’ forums.  This client not only had direct reports in Australia and Silicon Valley he also had a team based in Shanghai.  Consequently he spent a lot of time either abroad or communicating virtually. He was a bit of a rebel and would be very honest and direct, even blunt about his opinions.  This caused some to be upset with him. I helped him realize how he could be more responsive and less reactive. This gave him more gravitas and, within the context of the corporate environment, more respect from others. He is on his way to being given a greater responsibility as a result of his changed behavior.

Non-profit:  I was asked by a world famous museum in New York City to help ‘sort out’ the disgruntlement and dysfunction within the Finance department of this museum.  This involved interviewing everyone in the department to discover the flash points and form a diagnosis.  The diagnosis included coaching some senior individuals and, in one case, respectfully suggesting to the CFO’s second in command that it was time to go.  He was a big issue and yet no one had been willing to tell him the truth and, with compassion and respect, ask him to stand down.  He appreciated my input and the department began to sort itself out as a result of my intervention.

Pharmaceuticals:  A global pharmaceutical company asked me to coach the regional Vice President of sales for Latin America. The coaching of this client was so successful that I began to coach his team (all country heads) as well as him.  It was almost as if I was an additional team member who stayed close to them as their coach.  This coaching relationship lasted for two to three years and was very rewarding.  I am still in touch with the client years later.

Real Estate:  The Chairman and CEO of a pan-USA medical REIT asked me for help in resolving a conflict between his CFO and Chief Investment Officer.  I coached both of these two individuals to the point where they were able to collaborate well together. Along the way I was also able to coach the CEO who was also needing my advice as he was partially responsible for the problems that existed between his two direct reports.

Legal:  The General Counsel of a multi-billion dollar global firm asked me to help him to reconstitute his legal department.  I conducted interviews and coached various individuals that reported to the GC and then I coached the GC himself, as it turned out he needed leadership advice and counsel.  His main concern was that some of his lawyers would resist his ideas for restructuring the department.  I was able to get his team to buy in to the new ideas by involving them in the process of designing the restructure.

Technology:  The technology head of a medical systems company was an Eastern European who came across as either incomprehensible or dictatorial by the manner of his communication.  This very bright man was also dealing with a new team that included a company in Canada that had recently been bought by the client’s company.  So he faced a new team with elements hostile to the people and policies of HQ in Silicon Valley.  I helped the client build relationships with all the Canadian elements to the point where I created the agenda for two in-person gatherings of the team, first in Colorado then New Orleans.  I coached the client about the best way to conduct himself and how best to integrate all the disparate elements within his new team.  As a result a cohesion and level of collaboration was achieved that was way beyond what had existed when he first took the reins.