I was fortunate as a young man to be educated in the world of emotional intelligence over ten years before Dan Goleman came out with his book that started the global EQ movement back in 1995.  My natural gifts in this area, combined with my early training, led to a focus on the skills sets of EQ that a successful corporate leader needs in this age.  All the 8 specialty areas reflect my interest and skills in this aspect of leadership and human interaction.  I have always been interested in helping people become more self aware and aware of the needs of others. That is my passion.

In this example, my client was a senior VP of engineering in the IT department of a global investment bank.  The CEO and CIO brought me in as a last resort after 20 years of giving this man the same feedback.  The CEO told me he would have been the CIO a long time before if he did not have the habit of blowing his top whenever he thought a meeting was going in the wrong direction, regardless of who was in the room, including clients and more senior colleagues.

Over a year after I started working with him, he was a different person.  Now he was more relaxed, friendly and even smiled when I entered his office.  His habit of blowing up had gone, after he was able to identify all the triggers that caused him to explode.  He was now operating out of choice rather than reaction.  He reported that even his family life had radically improved as a result of the coaching.