A hard charging and successful executive in charge of Quality for a high tech/finance company was not impressing his senior colleagues.  Despite his excellent performance and leadership of a ‘remote’ team in Shanghai (his team loved him) he had a habit of being too direct and honest at inappropriate times.

Instead of a more polite approach he would say things like “This product sucks!” in meetings.  His outbursts were hindering his movement up the company.  Despite his initial cynical view of coaching and its value I was able to get him to identify that this kind of behavior stemmed from his desire to remain ‘authentic’ and also from his ‘rebel nature’.  He made a decision to tailor his responses in a more respectful and collaborative manner.

Soon he was getting 10 out of 10 for his improved communication and he was excited to see that his new found maturity and insight was having a positive effect even on his family life.